If you want to make a difference in this world through science and are interested in joining our team, then please send an email with a statement of interest and a CV along with contact information of 3 references to “pmurawala@mdibl.org“. 


January 2022 – Ph.D. Position: 

One Ph.D. position through the HBRS program is available in our lab. Contact us, if you are interested to learn more about the position.

March 2022 – RA Position:

One Research Assistant position is available in our lab. This job requires a USA work permit. Please apply. 


Postdoc position: 

Although our primary interest remains tissue regeneration and wound healing, projects in our lab spans diverse disciplines of biological science, including but not limited to developmental biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, mathematical modeling and even next-generation technologies that push our boundaries. Hence, we are always looking for talented people who can complement our skills and advance our mission. If you are interested please write to us. Together, we can always find source of funding for your stay in our lab. 



1) NIH – https://researchtraining.nih.gov

2) NIH – https://researchtraining.nih.gov

3) NSF – https://www.nsf.gov

4) Fulbright – https://us.fulbrightonline.org

5) HFSP – https://www.hfsp.org

6) Ford Foundation – https://sites.nationalacademies.org

7) Helen Hey Whitney Foundation – http://hhwf.org/

8) Hertz Foundation – https://www.hertzfoundation.org

9) JSMF – https://www.jsmf.org

10) LSRF – https://lsrf.org

11) Hanna Gray (HHMI) (underrepresented minorities) – https://www.hhmi.org

12) L’Oreal Woman in Science (Female candidates) – https://www.aaas.org

13) Hunt (Wenner-Gren Foundation) (PhD-Postdoc bridging time for writing) – http://www.wennergren.org



Ph.D. position: 

– Ph.D. students are selected through the GSBSE, MBS, or HBRS program. The GSBSE and MBS are joint graduate programs between the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL), the Jackson Laboratory (JAX), Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI), the University of New England (UNE), and the University of Maine. The University of Maine is a degree-granting institution. Whereas HBRS is a joint graduate program between MDIBL and MHH, and MHH is a degree granting institution. 

– If you are already an accepted Ph.D. student at the GSBSE and are interested in rotating in the Murawala lab, send an email to Prayag.



Undergraduate position: 

The MDIBL actively engages with undergraduate research. Every summer, we host a range of students from local institutions (COA), the State of Maine (INBRE), as well as students from all over the country (REU). 

For opportunities and fellowships, please click here.



We understand that finding a job for your partner is as important as finding a job for yourself. Check out some of the possible jobs around MDI at the following links.

1. MDIBL, Salsbury Cove

2. JAX, Bar Harbor

3. University of Maine, Orono